the importance of product strategy

In my experience, a company's product strategy shapes everything else. Of course, it must be aligned with a clear brand and customer strategy, but it's intrinsically linked to the health of a business.

  • Driving decisions on investment & resource priorities.

  • Guiding the marketing message.

  • Framing the sales plan & customer presentations.

  • Influencing how customers perceive a brand.

  • Ultimately, deciding financial performance in a competitive market.

It's therefore essential to get it right.

The right product strategy, clearly communicated, with the right business & customer strategy.


technology markets never stand still

Maintaining the right product strategy is particularly challenging when the market around you is constantly evolving.

Mobile Telecoms, Smart Homes, Internet of Things, Health-Tech, Wearables, Voice Assistants, Virtual Reality, SaaS, Digital Platforms and many sectors within Consumer Electronics are advancing at speed.



From start-ups to global corporations, the rules are the same.

Your product, customer, brand & business strategy needs to adapt.

I can leverage significant leadership experience from transforming technology environments to help you with a variety of challenges.

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